A Day in the Life of Madison

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I just wanted to do a very quick update since I am so far behind on updating.  We have had a very busy summer and I haven't had much time to really post.  We are about to be keeping Madison in for the winter so I will have a lot of time to post about our summer and share some great stories, videos and pictures.

In May we submitted all the forms for the Madison's Make A Wish trip.  We are leaving this coming up week going to Disney.  I think Shane and I are more excited than Madison.  The entire family is going to get to go!  Amy, Paul, Aubrey, Grandma Jackie and mom!  All eight of us are staying in a two bedroom suite!  YIKES!  It's a good thing we all get along. 

I promise that as soon as we get back from our trip, I will do lots of blog posting.  Please be patient with me.  I am sorry that I haven't posted like I used to but I am so very thankful for being so busy.  That just means that Madison is happy and HEALTHY and able to be on the go. 

Thank you all for loving our precious Madison and taking this journey along with us.