A Day in the Life of Madison

Monday, December 5, 2011

A lot has happened since my last post.  We had one trip to the Emergency Room, Madison turned four and we celebrated Thanksgiving! 

Yes, that is correct.  We did have to make a trip to the Emergency Room.  About a week after we got home from Birmingham, Madison took an afternoon nap as usual.  Shortly after she woke up I noticed dried blood in her left ear.  I cleaned it up and couldn't figure out why she was having this.  She was showing no signs of having an ear infection.  No fever, not pulling at her ears.  We decided to keep an eye on it and if it got worse, we would go to the doctor.  My only issue was that it was the weekend.

The next morning when she woke up, it was a lot worse.   I called the on-call nurse and she advised us that we should go to the ER.  I cringed when I heard this.  We try so hard to keep Madison healthy and now we were having to take her to the ER!  We called quite a few people on the way there to let them know what was going on and to have them start praying for Madison and our ER visit.  Our prayers were answered because that was the fastest ER trip we have ever had.  We were only there for 30 minutes--  from the time I signed in to the time we walked out!!  We couldn't believe it. 

Madison had an ear infection that caused her ear drum to rupture, causing all the bleeding.  They said that once the ear drum ruptures it relieves the pain.  We are still shocked at how high her pain tolerance is.  It is scary and amazing all at the same time. 

This is a picture of her ear on Saturday.  It was taken from my cell phone so that is why it is blurry.

This is her ear on Sunday. 

I just took her back to the pediatrician this week for her four year well check.  Madison weighed 20 lbs 12 oz!  Her ear drum still has a hole in it but is looking better. 

Madison celebrated her 4th birthday on November 16.  It is still hard to believe that she is 4 years old.  Mom and Dad had planned on coming up to the house to celebrate with her that night but because Dad didn't feel well, we loaded up and went to their house.  Madison loved all of her presents.  This video is the sweetest video of Dad telling Madison a story.  Since Madison was a baby, Dad always tells Madison these kind of stories and she absolutely loves them.  The video is kind of long.  Mom was unloading the dishwasher.  It didn't seem loud at the time but once I watched it back it was.  Sorry about that. 

The next video is of Madison doing one of her favorite things.  She loves to play soccer and we try to play at least once a day.  She has gotten pretty good at kicking the ball in her walker.  I laugh at this video every time I watch it.  She had just started asking for a bottle which she calls a "baba".  When she drinks her "baba" she has to have her pappy (pacifier) and her poons (spoons) right there beside.  If you forget any of the above you can forget about her drinking a baba!

I'll close with this last picture of Madison.  She just got a haircut on Saturday but her hair was out of control!  Literally!!  We could not keep it out of her eyes.  I was cooking dinner one night and she was in her chair in the kitchen playing.  She was getting mad because her hair was in her face but I couldn't leave what I was cooking to go get a bow.  I took my ponytail holder out of my hair and pulled Madison's back.  Madison got very mad with how I styled her hair and didn't mind showing me!  I got this look until I took it down!